We are the best tuition agency in Singapore that provides top-quality tutors for students. Are you are a parent or student looking for a quality home tuition centre? We are certainly what you are looking for. We will give you the best private home tutor that will meet your requirements and needs.

Why Choose Our Agency for Tuition ?

Our Home Tuition is Effective

Every parent or student wants a step up in their grade when they incur the service of a home tuition teacher. This is why we are dedicate to finding you a home tutor. That fits your requirements and can tutor you based on your style of learning. Improvement of grad is guarantee when tutoring is very effective.

We are Affordable

Perhaps you are a little worried about spending too much on tuition? We’ll endeavor to give you an affordable and cost effective plan of payment. That is better than any other agency out there. Our tuition rates are often structure regularly. So we can always evaluate what rate works best for you without compromising on quality. Be rest assured that you will be getting an affordable yet quality home tutoring for your child.

Our Home Tutors are experienced

  • We have a large numbers of home tutors for you to select from and they include Current and former school teachers, full time and part time tutors, Undergraduates and Diploma Holders and many more.
  • Is your child weak in a particular subject and he or she needs a home tutor to help with understanding the subjects? We offer a wide range of subjects for home tuition which includes: Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Biology, Science, Elementary Maths and Additional Maths.
  • Get in touch with us now and we will help you find a qualified and reliable home tutors that will suit your needs.
  • FEES

    Every students interested to join us must attend free assessment with Miss Sultana for tution

    K2 Maths


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Primary 1 to 3


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Primary 4 to 6


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Science primary 4 to 6


    for 4 lessons a month

  • Level Subject(s) Rate
    Lower Secondary Mathematics
    $350 for 4 lessons (x2.5hr)
    (max 3 subjects)
    Upper Secondary Additional Mathematics
    Elementary Mathematics
    Combined Science
    Integrated Programme (IP) Additional Mathematics
    Elementary Mathematics
    International Baccalareate (IB)
    International School Mathematics
    Junior College (Year 1 & 2) H1 / H2 Chemistry $350 for 4 lessons (x1.5hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics (2 x weekly) $400 for 8 lessons (x 2 hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics & Science (3 x weekly) $500 for 12 lessons (x 2 hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics, Science & Chinese
    (4 x weekly)
    $650 for 16 lessons (x 2 hr)


    Level Rate
    Primary $30 / hr
    Secondary A (Main stream) Maths ,Emaths and Chemistry $40 / hr
    IP and IB Maths tuition $50 / hr
    IP and IB Chemistry tuition $50 / hr

    Each lesson is 1.5 hr. 2 free trial lessons will be provided for online student

    Call Sultana for arranging lessons with her

    Guaranteed Money back if No’ A ‘is achieved.