Few words from soul of our students


Ms Sultana has been coaching my girl, Tanyasri (P6) from South View Primary from 2018 till now. Tanya from Primary 6 was weak in math and science and she has been scoring border line for P5 mid year exam. She went for tuition with Ms Sultana for 1 month before her final year exam and she significantly scored 70/100 for her maths from a mere 51/100. Ms Sultana is very patient and goal oriented. She identifies the weakness of the child and the child’s understanding of the topic even before she attempts to drill into the topic. She introduces easy methods for the child to follow and answer the question. On the other hand, she is very friendly and even allow us parents to reach out to her if we have any questions. With a teacher like her, i am very confident Tanya will excel in her PSLE.


During Secondary School, i have always been failing my maths and science class ever since Secondary 2. This dragged on all the way till i was in Secondary 4 when a friend of mine recommended me to this Tuition centre. I joined this tuition around the month of June where i started catching up with my weak topics on both maths and science, and by the time O levels came about, i went from an F9 to a C6 in just a few months. Without the help of Mrs Sultanah, i would not have been able to achieve so much in just a short period of time.


Dear Mrs Sultana, I am very grateful for having you as my mathematics teacher for the past year. My grades improved from an F9 for my sec 3 EOY exams to an A2 for my O levels. I have to add that you are able to change your teaching style to each of your students needs which is very effective. Thank you once again for your patience and guidance.

From mom Sally

Dear Ms Sultana. My son Keith, (Bt Panjang Government High Secondary School) had been attending tuition lessons with Sultana since mid 2018. In his early sec 3 (2018), he failed A Math and Chemistry. However, after intensive tuition lessons and Sultana’s one to one lessons, explaining in detail and ensuring Keith understands the concept, Keith had improved and got A2 and B3 for A math and Chemistry respectively for his 2018 end of year examinations.


We are grateful to Sister Sultanah for tutoring my son Tulasiram from Geyland Methodist Secondary School, in physics. He was getting F9 for the last 1 and half years. Now he just received his prelims results for pure physics and he has got a surprising A2 after going to her tuuition for just 12 lessions. Thank you sister

Hariati Bte Sahak, Senior Nurse Manager, THK Care Provider

Thank you for assisting my daughter Lya Syakira for her recent Pri 5 final year exams. She scored an A after failing her mid-year Maths. We appreciate your effort and patience guiding our daughter. Furthermore, it was done within 3 months. Thank you once again.


“Hello, Miss Sultanah. I’m with you since Primary school and continued my tuition with you when I was in secondary school too. For me, you are like my another mom who always smile, the patient with my tolerance and motivate me to move on during my difficult times. You always ensure that we get enough practices and does not waste too much time and teaching things over and over again. The lessons here were much more focused and easy to understand which made me score A for Chemistry and Maths subjects. Thank You, Miss Sultanah!”


“We would like to express our deep appreciation to you for the unflinching and dedicated effort in coaching and preparing our daughter for the Mathematics subjects in her Primary School Leaving Examination in 2009. Your time and effort have certainly played a major role in her achieving A* for the Mathematics subject. We are glad that we had selected the appropriate tutor for our daughter. Again, Sultanah thank you very much for the guidance and valuable assistance given to Bei Jun! We are sure that you will continue to do likewise for all your students in the coming years.”



“I got A for my Chemistry, Additional Maths and Elementary Maths. I am really thankful for this opportunity to study Chemistry and Mathematics with you. Your lessons have been very engaging and interesting that has helped me to develop a passion for Chemistry and Mathematics. All A’s Academy lessons have taught me to analyze questions better as well as apply the correct concept to solve questions. It has also given me ample practices to build up my confidence as well as discover my areas of weakness. I highly recommend my friends to get O level and A level Chemistry and Maths tuition at All A’s Academy.



Hi ! Miss Sultanah.I’m Priya Nair.I have been studying with you since when I was in secondary school and my journey continued till my A level, slip. I attached my O level and A level slip. Under your excellent tutelage, I’m able to score A in my O level Chemistry and Additional Maths and Elementary Maths scored A in my A level Chemistry.After attending All A’s Academy, mathematics .it has been wonderful in helping me with my Chemmathematics. I never knew I had the potential to actually do well in these subjects.I also strongly feel that the notes are written you, the short summary, as well as the points, brought up I the class have helped me clear many doubts and understanding a lot the concept better than my school.Every Chemistry and Maths tuition classes are so meaningful in the revision leading up to A level.




I’m Pei Lee.I studied O level and A level with Miss Sultanah.I scored A for my Chemistry, Elementary Maths and Additional Maths in O level and scored A for my A level chemistry.Miss Sultanah has helped me to consolidate all my Chemistry, Additional Maths and Element concepts in a very effective manner and enable me to have a clear understanding of the topics.It really helps in spitting each topic into parts and what are the different type of questions that will come out which makes me confident going into the exams.i will recommend my friends to join All A’s Academy as everything is made simple even the most difficult concepts which really help.



Jayasree Pillay

My daughters, Saadnah & Harshini were students of Sultanah at her Tuition Center for the 4 years they were in Secondary School at Tanjong Katong Girls’ School.

Both children showed a marked improvement in Mathematics and the Science subjects, experts wi expert’s guidance of Sultanah, who is excellent in spotting weakness b the additional practice of exam papers from various schools.

Sultanah does not believe in chiding a child nor, passing judgment when they don not perform as well as she expected.She is encouraging and has over the years become a dear friend of my girls.This warm relationship helped in giving the children the confidence to always seek her advice whenever they had doubts in the subjects they had difficulties in.

My elder daughter, Saadnah managed to get an A grade in her ‘O’ Level exams for her additional Mathematics, which was a subject she sought help from Sultanah.Saadnah will be embarking on a medical degree in the UK shortly.

My second daughter, Harshini, attained A grades in both Additional and Elementary Mathematics, besides, Chemistry and Physics, which were the subjects that she sought help from Sultanah.That I a marked improvement from the grades that she got in Secondary 1 before she joined Sultanah Tuition Centre.Her grades as well her confidence had improved tremendously with the guidance provided by Sultanah over the 4 years.Harshini is now pursuing the second year of the 18 months ‘A’ Level program in the UK.