Terms and Conditions for Dubai

  • 1 to 1 Home Tuition.

  • The Best Tutor from Singapore for GCE ‘O’ Level Maths and GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Chemistry.

  • Guaranteed MONEY BACK if no ‘A’.

  • Skilled in giving distinction within short term. Proven track record from Singapore.

Students need to have attained at least a D7 grade in the subject tutored. Those with a D7 to C5 grade will be required to sign up for a 2-month intensive, accelerated program. The program will be held on the last weak of each month. The entire syllabus will be covered at the convenient pace of the students. Registered students will be supplied supplementary materials 3 times a week, which are expected to be completed. Worked solutions will be provided upon the assessment of the completed assignments. Should the student fail to achieve an ‘A’ grade in their examinations, 300 USD will be returned to the, It is important to note that only the exclusive notes and study materials of the tutor will be used.

Course Fee-6 Days 3 hr per session. 3000 USD

  • Students are required to call Ms Sultana and 500 USD has to be paid to secure their position.

  • Students and parents are required to meet Ms Sultana on Skype for further assessment of the student before acceptance.

  • Official receipt will be sent via email upon confirmation.