Our Home Tutors are Passionate and Proficient

At All As’, our aim is to provide practical, motivating and amazing learning opportunity for you. We do this by making use of trusted and reliable tutors. That will inspire your child to learn beyond what is in their textbooks. They help your child understand the advantages of being a lifelong learner.

We employ the services of certified tutors have a history of excellence in their careers and disciplines, some of these disciplines include Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology but are not limited to just these. Our tutors know how to foster student-teacher relationships. To increase growth of all the student population and academic excellence.

We are commit to provide quality tuition services in Singapore and reducing the financial cost for students and parents. We provide opportunities for tutors to volunteer and have a chance at a challenging yet satisfying job; these opportunities are create to suit the needs of every family. You can visit our tuition assignments page for more information.

Our goals and objective is to foster academic excellence. We are guide by this and we are the top choice of most guardians, parents and students. No doubt that our goals and objectives has given us a competitive edge among many and made us a centre of excellence. Our goals and objectives remain a pillar on which we are built and established and they are as follows:

  • Give quality and affordable home tuition to all students in Singapore by utilizing learning principles and methods that are strong.
  • Make use of certified and experienced home tutors to teach all our students based on areas of expertise or disciplines where they are very knowledgeable.
  • Give our students all the academic tools needed to make them ahead of their peers in future.
  • Value our students’ diversity including their availability, personal and individual characteristics and many more things that might need to be considered.
  • Place high values on the laws of Singapore and give high level of professionalism to every of our students.

We are the best and first choice for home tuition in Singapore. All As’ is a household name to many who are seeking for academic excellence from parents to students.

  • FEES

    Every students interested to join us must attend free assessment with Miss Sultana for tution

    K2 Maths


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Primary 1 to 3


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Primary 4 to 6


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Science primary 4 to 6


    for 4 lessons a month

  • Level Subject(s) Rate
    Lower Secondary Mathematics
    $350 for 4 lessons (x2.5hr)
    (max 3 subjects)
    Upper Secondary Additional Mathematics
    Elementary Mathematics
    Combined Science
    Integrated Programme (IP) Additional Mathematics
    Elementary Mathematics
    International Baccalareate (IB)
    International School Mathematics
    Junior College (Year 1 & 2) H1 / H2 Chemistry $350 for 4 lessons (x1.5hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics (2 x weekly) $400 for 8 lessons (x 2 hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics & Science (3 x weekly) $500 for 12 lessons (x 2 hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics, Science & Chinese
    (4 x weekly)
    $650 for 16 lessons (x 2 hr)


    Level Rate
    Primary $30 / hr
    Secondary A (Main stream) Maths ,Emaths and Chemistry $40 / hr
    IP and IB Maths tuition $50 / hr
    IP and IB Chemistry tuition $50 / hr

    Each lesson is 1.5 hr. 2 free trial lessons will be provided for online student

    Call Sultana for arranging lessons with her

    Guaranteed Money back if No’ A ‘is achieved.