We teach, train and create interest to improve yourselves for the achievement

Improving Students' Academic Performance

in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
We offer personalised tutoring programme with customised learning methods. As experienced educational professionals, we have developed a tutoring method that is engaging and easy to understand, allowing students to improve their academic result within a short period. Whether it is private, one-on-one tutoring or a classroom-style tutorial class, we guarantee that students of all levels are able to master their school materials in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics quickly and effectively.

Preparation of Primary, Secondary and JC-level Students

for Critical Examinations

Students and parents are often anxious about examinations, especially critical examinations such as PSLE, 'O' Level, 'A' Level and IB assessments. To this end, we offer tutoring services that prepare students for such important moments in their academic life.

We do not merely encourage rote learning, but help our students understand what they are learning. We'll first look at the student's profile and past results, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and create a personalised teaching plan that will help him or her achieve his or her fullest potential. During the tutoring sessions, they can get instant feedback on their progress and the opportunity to clarify any doubts.

Our programme encompasses:

  • Primary Level – Emphasising on Primary 5 and 6 Mathematics, particularly complex problem sums. Apart from helping students with in-depth understanding of how to answer these questions, we also furnish supplementary questions to enhance their knowledge.
  • Secondary Level – Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology subjects are our forte. During the preparation period, we will constantly provide students with challenging test papers to cement their understanding and increase their confidence.
  • 'A' Level and IB – We specialise in Chemistry HI and H2 as well as AS and A2 Chemistry. We also offer our very own enrichment books in Chemistry as supplementary materials.

Preparation of students for UCA examination

in UK and entrance interview (for medical students)

Applying for undergraduate course overseas, especially in the UK, can be daunting. There are many things about the application process that students need to know and excel in to be successful. If a student's goal is to get into a Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Biomedicine or Pharmacy course of a UK university, it is imperative that he or she know exactly what to prepare for.

Our trainers are experts in the necessary fields, such as Clinical Psychology, to prep students for these exams and interviews.

We have developed a robust preparation programme that is aimed to improve the students' chance of being admitted into the preferred university and faculty of their choice. Through the preparation programme, we not only improve their academic performance but their verbal, problem-solving and analytical ability, thereby elevate their confidence in handling multiple application processes such as university entrance interviews. We help them evaluate each process carefully and prep them every step of the way.


Authoring and Retailing of Chemistry Enrichment Books

Over the years, our Founder, Sultanah, has authored many Chemistry enrichment books for 'A' Level to supplement the learning materials provided by the school. These books have proven to be very effective in helping students understand the subject more easily and in improving their grades immensely.

  • Our Other services

    We provide 'A' level chemistry questions by topics with clear explainations. It is a quality supplementary materials of an advanced standing from Miss Sultanah.Students will certainly find the materials worthy of investments.

    Only $ 70 per month.

    weekly 10 questions on every topic will sent to our Registered students e mail

    From Primary 3,4,5 and 6 students can ask school Maths homeworks from Mon to Fri.

    Only $ 50 per month.

    Answers would sent to their e mail or whatsapp

    Secondary students from secondary 1 to 4 can ask Elementary Maths and Additional maths school homework from Mon to Fri

    Only $ 60 per month.

    Answers would sent to their e mail or whatsapp

  • Pri 3 to Pri 6 Students


    P3/P4 Maths - 2:45 pm till 4:45 pm
    P5 Maths - 5 pm to 7 pm
    P6 Maths - 7 pm to 9 pm


    Creative Writing P3/P4 Science - 2:45 pm till 4:45 pm
    P5/P6 - 5 pm to 7 pm


    P3/P4 Science - 2:45 pm till 4:45 pm
    P5 Science - 5 pm to 7 pm
    P6 Science - 7 pm to 9 pm

    Sec 1 to Sec 4 Students


    Sec 3/4 Maths - 9am - 11am
    Sec 3/4 A.Maths - 11am - 1Pm
    Sec 3/4 Chem - 2pm - 4pm


    Sec 1/2 Maths - 4pm-6pm


    Sec 3/4 Physics - 4pm-6pm

    Junior College Chemistry


    Chem Jc1 - 7pm - 9pm


    Chem Jc2 - 7pm - 9pm