PSLE Maths Tuition and How to Overcome Students Problem with Help of Private Maths Tutor.

PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) is a National examination conducted in Singapore that is administered by the Ministry of Education and taken by all the students almost at the near end of their sixth year before they move to secondary school. PSLE covers the student’s proficiency in English, their respective mother tongue (Anything like Chinese, Tamil, Malay or any other language), Maths and Science.

English, Child’s mother tongue, Maths, and Science are the basic proficiency needed for the child to learn, grow, communicate, understand etc.., These languages are unique and help the child to think and understand what is going around in the surrounding. These are not just a subject to learn, write an exam, score marks and to move on but, they are deeply associated with an integral part of their growth, life, and environment.

PSLE Maths

Children who initially step into the school have their own way of expectations and excitement of their school, teachers, friends etc.., As the time goes on they find difficult about the subjects they go through. They may not understand the topic or they could not have listened to the teacher in some cases the teacher might have scolded or in response with the teacher’s act the student may find it difficult to cope up with the studies.

PSLE Maths tuition Singapore

In any of the case, we are here to help your children enjoy learning the maths subject in a different aspect which he/she could not have thought of. We assure you that your child will voluntarily ask you for this kind of Maths tuition. The way we teach students, the syllabus they undergo, the revision and comparisons with all the topics they learn given by us will help boost their out of box thinking capability, problem-solving ability, integrated matrix method of learning etc..,

PSLE Math is important. You know it. We know it. To make the child know the value of math concepts, engage them with us. We assure the child’s thinking capability, performance, score, a way of learning and everything changes with an ease when they are with us.
There are two ways to make the child learn. One is the school in which they spend a lot of time and the other one is home through which they grow, see, listen, and practice everything.

Learning PSLE Maths with us!!

PSLE Maths teacher Singapore

PSLE Math tuition is an essential, most simple and a different way of learning math. We have a step by step process for the child to learn heuristic methods and techniques. We do not provide only the syllabus based teaching but we care about your child’s general ability, problem-solving skills, and techniques. We encourage them daily to learn new techniques, practice with the topic, make them a question about the things they learn, teach in depth with various techniques, revise the topic then compare all the topics how it differs from other topics they learned, then examine them. This is our secret way to make your child not only succeed in the Maths but also in their confidence.

The service we offer has a teacher-child ratio of 1:5 where the child gets more attention from the teacher which helps the child in improving the grasping power. We also provide private maths tutor for the children in order to make sure the child is learning in a way that he/she enjoys, learns and plays with the mathematical techniques, even they are capable of explaining the techniques to their friends. Practicing makes the child more easy to understand and solve the problems.

PSLE Maths teacher

Features of PSLE Maths Tuition with us:

  • Systematic and structured approach
  • Conceptual teaching
  • Gradual and comprehensive learning
  • Critical performance tracking
  • Imparting problem-solving skills
  • A fun way of learning
  • Teacher-student ratio matters
  • The visual method of learning and much more

To the parent/guardian, what we suggest you make your child shine in all aspect is you get them with us. We will take care of all their learning activities, skills, and knowledge. Come and join your hands with us to enrich the knowledge of growing buddies to learn and shine in the world.

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