Primary School Tuition

Get the Best Primary School Tuition for your Child

Do you want your child to have a perfect head start on his/ her educational journey? A child’s journey to education begins from the moment they are in primary school or taking primary school tuition. One of the first things they experience is rules, strict discipline, school regulations, long hours in school and they rely more on themselves in certain areas.

Primary School Tuition

Besides this they have to keep up with many contents and assignments in different subjects like Mathematics, English and native language for those and lower levels and science for those at Primary 3 and above. This can be stressful for both the parent and child. So many rely on the teachers in school to help with the performance of the child in school and general well being. This can even be harder for parents who have a busy schedule at work.

It is not uncommon that many parents end up using home tutors to help their child’s learning either to keep them ahead of their peers or to make sure they understand what is being taught in school. All A’s helps in alleviating the stress any parent may be going through due to the academic challenges of their child.

Benefits of Primary School Tuition

The best time to start home tutoring is when your child is at the lower primary school level or elementary class. Here are some of the benefits of home tuition for children in lower primary school:

  • Most home tutors take your child through topics that are yet to be introduced in school, this way they can always stay ahead.
  • Tutors will focus on areas where the child needs improvement, giving enough time for the child to understand the topic. Students are giving more practice and assessment questions.

Most tutors also go over topics that have been taught in class to help with revision, this is mostly done during school vacations and towards the end of the school year when all syllabus needed has been covered in school. What this does for the child is that it helps them remember what they have been taught and understand the topics more so they can do well in exams and when they move to a new level or class.

Primary School Tuition at Home

Primary school tuition at home is a unique service where primary school tutors help children to understand better things that have been or haven’t been taught in school. Basically, tutors meet the academic needs of a child, and this is flexible. Parents have the freedom to communicate the needs or preference of the child to a tutor so they can design lessons to flow into the needs of the child. For example, some primary school tutors can make use of pictures, diagrams or illustrations to help a child’s learning, writing of notes, and assessment practices so that they can improve in topics that they earlier had a challenge in.

Why All A’s?

Our quality and best primary school tutors are here to serve you and your child from a young age. Introducing home tuition to your child when in the lower primary school will bring a lot of benefits academically, this is because of the new challenges that come with starting lower primary school. This home tuition will help with the basis of any subjects introduced to the child at that level. This will enable them to do excellently well as they progress to higher primary school levels and much more. This, in turn, will help build their confidence, self-esteem and make them top of their class. Bring out your child’s potentials by signing up for our primary school home tuition.