Physics Tuition

Customized tutoring services to help kids develop physics skills.

Junior college students have the option of choosing a subject that they want to study and most students choose Physics and the level at which they would like to study it either H1 or H2. Both levels are difficult but H2 is broader than H1, this means the scope of study is broader. Each of these levels requires a high level of preparation. Therefore having a physics tuition can be very effective for your child to help with better understanding the subject.

Physics Tuition Singapore

Why Private Physics Tuition?

Firstly, our physics private tutors will breakdown the subject to your child in a concise and clear manner. The teachers in school may not have the chance to expatiate on a subject. For each student and some even get more confused after the subject has been taught in class especially similar concepts. With home tutor, the child gets further clarification on those concepts and has a better understanding of Physics.

Secondly, with private physics tuition, a child can start practicing formulas taught in school apart from the assignment given by the teacher in school. Sometimes, these assignments are quite difficult for some students to handle on their own, many of which end up frustrated. For students who can’t keep up with the classes, the subject keeps getting more difficult. A physics home tutor can put you through the basis of what you have been taught and explain the formulas you can move ahead in class.

Private Physics Tutor

All As’ helps your child in enjoying lessons that are tailor to meet his needs, this is because the strengths and weaknesses of people differ. When you make the need of your child known to us, our tutors will focus more on the needed topics. If you need to improve your child’s grade, then we are the best physics tuition for you. We have O Level Physics tuition, IP Physics tuition and A level Physics tuition class. We offer customized learning methods for each students.

Many students don’t know their strength or weakness, but having a tutor will help them identify this. Education becomes a bit tougher as you move higher but having a good score in Physics involves hard work and smart studying. Be rest assured that at All As’, we will never disappoint you. So register today.

  • FEES

    Every students interested to join us must attend free assessment with Miss Sultana for tution

    K2 Maths


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Primary 1 to 3


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Primary 4 to 6


    for 8 lessons a month, twice a week and each lesson is 1.5 HR

    Science primary 4 to 6


    for 4 lessons a month

  • Level Subject(s) Rate
    Lower Secondary Mathematics
    $350 for 4 lessons (x2.5hr)
    (max 3 subjects)
    Upper Secondary Additional Mathematics
    Elementary Mathematics
    Combined Science
    Integrated Programme (IP) Additional Mathematics
    Elementary Mathematics
    International Baccalareate (IB)
    International School Mathematics
    Junior College (Year 1 & 2) H1 / H2 Chemistry $350 for 4 lessons (x1.5hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics (2 x weekly) $400 for 8 lessons (x 2 hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics & Science (3 x weekly) $500 for 12 lessons (x 2 hr)
    Primary 1 – Primary 6 Mathematics, Science & Chinese
    (4 x weekly)
    $650 for 16 lessons (x 2 hr)


    Level Rate
    Primary $30 / hr
    Secondary A (Main stream) Maths ,Emaths and Chemistry $40 / hr
    IP and IB Maths tuition $50 / hr
    IP and IB Chemistry tuition $50 / hr

    Each lesson is 1.5 hr. 2 free trial lessons will be provided for online student

    Call Sultana for arranging lessons with her

    Guaranteed Money back if No’ A ‘is achieved.