IP (Integrated Programme) Tuition

The Integrated Programme (IP) in Singapore is an integrated education for upper secondary and JC (Junior College). This means a secondary school student can move further to JC without taking the O levels examination at all. Schools that offer IP often stretch the students. Use the time that was suppose to use to prepare for O levels to take additional classes. This can include both non-academic and academic syllabus. Sure, everyone would love to go to another level without an exam nevertheless. This can be overwhelming and may be a disadvantage.

IP Tuition Singapore

Students who do not take the O level examinations, have to do excellently well in their A levels to get a qualified certificate. If they do not do well in their A level examinations, their highest qualification would be PSLE. Many students relax because they are not preparing for O levels examination.

That is why most parents with children in IP employ the services of a home tutor to make sure their child isn’t relaxing in studies and preparing ahead for the A-levels examination. A level requires consistent studying and learning from your child, so it is very dangerous for your child to fall behind in class.

Children who make use of Math tutoring services often come out better than their counterparts in school. Why is this so? We make use of lessons that are close to what they are taught in school, and we also teach them using the latest technology and teaching models so your child can learn effectively. We are here to change those frowns to smiles.

Why All A’s IP Tuition?

Our IP Tuition helps to make sure your child is up to date on school curriculum and isn’t way behind. They also help with challenges on what your child has been taught in school and help clarify the doubts they may have. Our tutors will focus on your child’s weak areas and help him. He or she do better by explaining and elaborating in simpler terms. If your child decides to join IP, we would advice that you start an IP tuition to help him catch up with all that is need to pass his future exams and be successful.

These are the IP tuition we offer to the students:

  • IP Maths Tuition
  • IP Physics Tuition
  • IP Chemistry Tuition
  • IP Biology Tuition

Get in touch with us now and we will help you find a qualified and reliable IP home tuition that will suit your needs.