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How Additional Mathematics Tuition Will Improve Child’s Academic Performance

“MATH” – a terrific problem for current generation’s school/college going students. The interest towards learning math, understanding and loving the subject for the current generation is a big task. For those kinds of parents/ neighbors/relatives/friends who have kids at their home can help to prevent their children from these kinds of thoughts as like the […]

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PSLE Maths Tuition and How to Overcome Students Problem with Help of Private Maths Tutor.

PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) is a National examination conducted in Singapore that is administered by the Ministry of Education and taken by all the students almost at the near end of their sixth year before they move to secondary school. PSLE covers the student’s proficiency in English, their respective mother tongue (Anything like Chinese, […]

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How to Master A and O Level Chemistry Tuition?

When it comes to chemistry, it is essential to ensure that your child is well prepared for it. There are a lot of different types of tuitions that are available. However, when your focus is to ensure that your child want to master on A and O level on chemistry exams, it is essential to […]

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Future of Education on Robotics and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has grown manifold of late. More and more companies are coming up in this sector which means that there is the option of added job potential too. This is why the education sector also is seeing a boom in the field of robotics as well as virtual reality. With technology improving at a […]

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Solve the Biggest Problems of Schooling with Home Tuition

How to Solve the Biggest Problems of Schooling with Home Tuition

In this fast growing world parents have these question in their mind how to solve the biggest problems of schooling with home tuition? In this fast growing world, everything is changing very fast. This drastic change can be easily seen in the education system also. The education system has also changed very much over last […]

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Improving Child’s Learning Style

How Parents can Help in Improving Child’s Learning Style?

In these article we discuss about how parents can help in improving child’s learning style? Have you ever seen your child learning the notes given in school? One day, while busy on cleaning my wardrobe, spot my child going through his notes and simply mugging them. I was stuns to see the way he was […]

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How Integrated Programme Make your Child a Better Person

Integrated Program: Integrated Program provides an all-in-one top secondary & junior college education in which students can proceed directly to junior college without taking GCE (general certificate of knowledge). In this students skip ‘o’ levels exam. Directly appear for ‘A’ level after either for or 6 years of hybrid secondary cum junior college education. The […]

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Remember Formulas During Examinations

How to Remember Formulas During Examinations

Understanding, memorizing and remember formulas during examinations can be a little critical process, but with our fantastic tips, you will surely figure out steps and will learn by heart for your coming Maths and chemistry exams. Experienced chemistry tutor can help you with making it very practical and easy to apply the theoretical aspect. Our Steps […]

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