Biology Tuition

Home Tuition for Biology in Singapore

The elementary and general part of science is taught to both primary students and secondary students. Science consists of three subtopics which are Chemistry, Biology and Physics. A child in a Senior Secondary have the option of choosing where they want to focus on later. Nevertheless, in some schools make it compulsory for senor secondary students to choose 2 or the 5 topics. Some other schools do not allow students to take all three. Biology is a theory based topic. It is all about studying living organisms and life in general. Understanding Biology helps with good grades and enjoying it, and some students don’t understand it. Providing a biology tuition at home for your child will help him. Have a better understanding of the subjects after they have being taught in school.

Biology Tutors

Importance of Biology Tuition:

Firstly, some students don’t understand what the teacher is teaching. Because the words are complex and may need to read over and over again. When it comes biology, this can be quite frustrate with many questions that are left unanswerable. Biology tutors at home for your child will assist him have a greater grasp of the topic after they have being educate in school.

Secondly, as earlier said some students find it very difficult to understand some things are being taught to them in school, and with the service of a home tutor this can change. This is because the tutor will give a more detailed and simple explanation just to make the student understand at his or her own pace so they don’t get frustrated with Biology.


Thirdly, getting tutor at home is more effective for a child because it engages him. Since it is one teacher to a student, the tutor is able to focus on the child’s needs, this is essential to learning Biology. Students tend to have a clearer understanding when they have a tutor to expand the concepts previously learned in school.

Many students in school drop out of Biology because it is challenging and difficult to understand and most school teachers don’t have the chance to expatiate on each topic for the students since they are following a syllabus. Getting the service a biology tuition or agency for tutoring can help with this; your child will be tutor at his pace with the subject simplifies so that he can understand the basis of it. We at All As’ can help your child enjoy biology tuition and have good grades at the same time.